@ B.A.M. FAMILY #2

‪#‎techno‬ F R E E private P A R T Y – check us out : 6 K of crystal clear digital sound // 3D laser show // PROJECTions By COSMO // LIVE act by Roca Loca Crew + DJ Sets B.A.M. FAMILY ‪#‎TECHNOTERRA‬ ( TECHNO AND TRANCE set ) // poco distante da ‪#‎grosseto‬ // P O W E R E D and propelled by Dub Town Sound System // how underground(er) can a crew be ? DOMENICA ( easter sunday ) 27 Marzo 2016 // only the happiest people need apply


flyer 27 03 Rocca.jpg

B.A.M. Family

Tra gli altri ospiti


( hip hop live act )


( ragga-tek DJ set & Sound)

6K of crystal clear quality sound


featuring  Godfrey Reggio documentary endeavours  and visionary talent for NATURE

lights by THE DROID methone 3D laser show


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