a definition of DUB by Royston Blake

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This is a DJ set by Royston Blake a.k.a. Technoterra which presents a music genre loved by many : DUB.

This particular type of sound grew out of the much more popular REGGAE in the sixties, although same is considered a sub-genre DUB music has developed narratives and sound qualities which extend beyond the scope of reggae.

The DUB sound consists predominantly of instrumental versions of other, better known, tracks and is obtained by a significant manipulation of those recordings, likewise vocals get a reshaping and downsizing treatment, components such as drums and bass pattern get emphasised other sound structures get dynamically changed through effects such as echo, reverb , panoramic delay, and other types of synthetic manipulations.

DUB is today considered a form of popular electronic music and many DJ’s worldwide contribute to it further consolidating as a successful source for their dance oriented, bass driven sequences.




frencCORE short MiX & Technoterra on San Francisco based Internet Archives



Technoterra plays the french core in this short dj mix.

Also by the TECHNOTERRA at this  address there are over 60 dj mixes to enjoy and to download hosted on the Community Audio of the INTERNET ARCHIVES, a virtual place where you can search the history of over 273 billion web pages on the Internet.. Music presents all aspects of the electronic dance variety, strictly underground tunes blended live as broadcasts on Afterhoursdjs.org web radio over a period spanning from 2010 and 2013.


Se desideri conoscere un portale costituito da file di ogni genere raccolte negli archivi di INTERNET ARCHIVES viaggia qui – TECHNOTERRA è ospitato negli archivi con una selezione di 61 dj mixes, tutti ascoltabili e scaricabili in diversi formati. Si tratta di una parte della mia produzione come contributore di lunga data alla stazione web radio americana Afterhoursdjs tutto materiale di alta qualità il quale offre una panoramica sulla musica Techno, House e Breakbeat nel periodo che va dal 2010 al 2013.


http://www.mix.dj/video/4782597/ldj-london-acid-techno-1996/ totally inspiring, Estratto da una audiocassetta  ripescata nel nostro vasto archivio, una nota di apprezzamento alla sequenza e alla tecnica di Luca,, è il tipico mix realizzato da qualcuno che si muoveva nei negozi di dischi e l’incontro col vinile era a cadenza giornaliera.

Una ispirazione.


LDJ in the mix, the sound of underground London acid techno circa may 1996 respect due

LDJ in the mix, the sound of underground London acid techno circa may 1996 respect due

TECHNOTERRA – All Systems Go ( teCHno mix ) – oct14

check this out :: http://www.mix.dj/video/4778395/all-systems-go-technoterra/

all systems go

Tracce e tools manipolati e posti in essere con Denon CDjs ed effetti, Pig Session’s style.

CreativeSound Mix to play or download

CreativeSound Mix to play or download

A blend of tech house and deeper tunes to feed the right beat over to the hungrier party heads.
I enjoy fusing together the techno and the house vibes into one unique sonic creation – a creative sound that contracts and expand over each and every other tune bass line.
One can hear small inaccuracies here and there, towards the end, but hey! we’re only humans engaging with the perfection of digital domains.

Enjoy anyhow and thanks for listening 🙂