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WitchTEK 2017 ( South Central region -ITA ) F.R.E.E. party

This is an edited version of the live mix played at the Sulmona’s FREE tek event held at the end of October 2017.


Party was extremely well attended and run without major hiccups.

There is a large movement of sound systems in Italy which are networking towards setting up parties in a free manner, empty warehouses get occupied temporarily, pieces of land in the countryside grabbed and made into citadels of illegality for a night or two.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of prejudice around this type of direct action originated, self made social events; newscasters tend to demonise such practices and to instigate the police so to intervene, to stop proceedings and to confiscate equipment.

Normally events such as these end up as intended without causing any harm nor damages to anyone, other times due to police action and/or gang infiltrations we may witness some very despicable occurrences which they all but reinforce the bad notoriety surrounding the free tekno scene in this country.

end of party
Sun is shining! Time to deal with our tired souls and with a more contingent kind of need: disassembling tons of equipment and it made it back home safely. Cool innit??

On a more personal level, what I enjoy the most in this kind of things is the fact that no money change hands in order for ALL to participate and to have fun, free music for all…thats what i like the most.

Also, the grade of determination with which everyone involved into organising these parties manage to resolve the most difficult, intricate situations acts as a potent impulse into investing, in a major renewed way, in terms of energy and in terms of reciprocal trust/respect, into creating reliable relations, into the desire of meeting new people, into the act of growing to a more informed, competent persons so as to continue in setting up pace towards my own goals , both on the creative, the ethical and on the political spectrum too.

Long live FREE TEKNO PARTIES then … as … LOVE being the sole message ❤

there’s always a lot of work that need doing the whole time: finding a suitable location, securing the location, organising the Bar, making everything to work finely on the technical side, mounting/un-mounting equipment, playing your DJ set/live P.A., managing NOT to get arrested!!! but hey…you know what? IT  DOES always WORTH MY WHILE!


Technoterra @ Vegan Circus Fest – Vignola (MO)

Technoterra @ Vegan Circus Fest - Vignola (MO)

Festival Antispecista Libertario, completamente autogestito, il Vegan Circus Fest vuole mettere a disposizione dell’antispecismo un luogo dove confrontarsi, organizzarsi, formarsi, gioire ma soprattutto dare delle risposte.

Tra i macrotemi dei singoli eventi articolati nei quattro giorni dell’iniziativa:

– “Dalla cultura del dominio alla cooperazione e i beni comuni”

– “ Produzioni intensive e OGM, permacultura e agricoltura sinergica”

– “ Crimini dell’ industria farmaceutica, proposte per sottrarsi”

Technoterra Soundsystem partecipa il sabato notte con un DJ set tutto orientato sulle sonorità Drum Code , a seguire i concerti di Dystopian Society ( gothic punk ), Kalashnikov Collettive ( romantic punk ), Los Fastidios ( street punk).

evento facebook :

LINK ad un estratto video del DJ set :


Videoclip with parts of live djset @ the “united talents for animal liberation” festival NONCageArtFest, a two days event with artists subscribing to the causes of antispeciesism and radical critic to human civilization as we know it. For more information on the Festival

NOCageArtFest, the Mix – Nov.2013

NOCageArtFest, the Mix - Nov.2013

AVAILABLE to preview and to download : Nuovo DJ mix da ascoltare e da scaricare. DEDICATED to all animal liberation activists worldwide.

Harvey McKay – cinnamon kiss
Alen Milivojevic – plus
Mark Deutsche, Musoe – push
Ant Brooks – movi
Tiga Vs Audion – lets go dancing
DJ Anna – enough
Veerus & Maxie Devine – cars
Jose M. , Taco Man – and the trees breathe
Alberto Ruiz – room
Loco & Jam – harai goshi
Christian Smith – transition – pig & dan remix
Nino Bua – get to it
D Nox & Beckers – cala a boca
Raffaele Rizzi – frenetik
Green Velvet – destination unknown carl craig unit dub mix
Ramiro Lopez – dambo
Amo – outside the box
Tomy de Clerque – all in
Chad Andrew – G walk – martinez dub walk mix
Arjun Vegale – kempai
Gunnar Stiller – lust
Filterheadz – we can take it anywhere
Malte Seddig – downstream movement – ray okpara remix
Filterheadz, Mr Bizz – natural mood
Samu.I – look around
Pig & Dan – lonely symphony
Timid Boy – psycho
Raul Mezcolanza – how to make – filterheadz remix
Tini feat Joe Le Groove – hat baxx
Sam Paganini – polyester
Wade – evil comes here

Sequence mixed and recorded live on 8th November 2013

New TECHNOTERRA Mix available on Mix.DJ_June 2013

New Mix available on Mix.DJ
filterheadz kinetic energy
Ben Sims I feel it deep
Hugo Paixao rat man Cari Lekebusch remix
The Black Dog council flat emptiness dub corp mix
Roman Gertz inhuman pumping
Minilogue when sadness releases joy arises Dustin Zahn remix
Tom hades vocalismo Kalden Bass remix
Mark Ambrose skymaster shooting stars
Umek & Spektre klaxon
Emmanuel eraser
Alex di Stefano love is war
Paul C & Paolo Martini take some time
Alex di Stefano ride the river Spektre remix
Pig & Dan naked nuns
Axel Karakasis barracuda Spektre remix
Uto Karem insync
Don Ruijgrok state of mind
Uto Karem who’s right
Kernel key sleep paralysis
Dave Clarke wisdom to the wise Mochi re-Edit
Sian & Luigi madonna royal oak
Envoy dark manoeuvres Slam remix
Unknown Track
Kostantin Yoodza hazart Hollen remix
unknown Track
Leonardo Gonnelli let your body