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Montelaterone Tek 2017 ( formerly known Maxi Music Parade )


This year’s edition ( the eight consecutive yearly event being held in the area ) comes with some limitations with regards to the actual site where the party shall take place, we will no longer “occupy” in its entirety the village with a dozen different sound systems, instead a large flat grassy field, Parco dei Tigli, with a unique DJ boot and system will be operating at the feet of Montelaterone,  Monte Amiata, Grosseto.

Maxi Music Parade is no more, things do change with time and often they do get better…so you’re all invited to this free electronic dance music event on Sunday August the 13th 2017, Karontek Soundsystem shall be hosting an array of DJ’s ‘, amongst with our own, with differente backgrounds and takes on the art of having a good time in a open air, friendly environment.

Visit the FB event for more updates as we approach the actual date for the event here


this way —-> to the raw recording performance by Royston Blake, let the bass kick !!






frenchCORING Montelaterone (GR) 2016 —-> video clips <—-


frenchcoring Montelaterone VIDEO CLIP


frenchcoring Montelaterone II VIDEO CLIP


frenchcoring Montelaterone III VIDEO clip

Maxi Music Parade 2016, Montelaterone (GR)


Make yourselves comfortable so to enjoy the sound of #techno as yet again the Maxi Music Parade returns this 13th of August.

Over 100 DJ’s from all over Italy playing the whole  of the electronic dance music variety.

What makes unique our location for this event is the medieval architecture of the village, dozens of different sound systems dislocated throughout the place makes it for an unforgettable experience and fun to be had.

Music starts as early as 7,oo pm and keeps pumping on up until 3,oo am the following day.

If you love it hard and underground please do make no mistakes and find us :  Technoterra Soundsystem will host a number of local talents alongside themselves ‘ and under  their tent  with the likes of Giacomo Lari  Mattia Mef Cipriani SilvaRinaldi

Our console’s music can be heard LIVE on Rmin WEB RADIO on the night of event

listen to MiX


Maxi Music Parade, 7th edition, SATURDAY AUGUST the 13th, BE THERE.

Here to follow some video clips footage from few of festivals previous editions:






montelaterone 2015 TECHNOTERRA ( sound and visuals ) con MUSIC SYNDAKATE DJS partecipano con gusto allestendo una loro postazione…

Un intero paese, nella sua unica cornice di borgo medievale, reso alla musica elettronica.

Decine di sound systems con proposte musicali differenti per soddisfare ogni tipo di richiesta dislocati in un percorso naturale dentro il paese che gli accoglie.

Una intera notte di musica, di luci e di movimentazione di corpi.

L’unica MUSIC PARADE, nella sua sesta edizione, in Toscana è a Montelaterone il 13 di Agosto.

Sosteniamo questo straordinario evento!

The one and only MAXI MUSIC PARADE is happening again this year!

On the night of the 13th of August, at the unique location of MONTELATERONE ( GR ) a number of sound systems will pound the medieval scenery to the sound of electronic dance music.

Montelaterone will be transformed in a citadel of techno sound, populated by gyrating bodies, lightened by multicoloured strobes.

You don’t want to miss this yearly event, come and join in the fun, do support the party which has come to its sixth edition with your presence and by inviting others.

On this occasion TECHNOTERRA shall team up with MUSIC SYNDAKATE DJ’s so as to double  on variety and consistency.

For more info on our precise spot within the natural MAXI MUSIC PARADE journey ring us  on 3281544997

maxi music parade 2015CHECK THE SPECIAL MIX ( techno//electro )

Watch Some

ok4 ok2ok3 muta 1 ok muta ok muta3

Wanna play this System ?

Wanna play this System ?

If you consider yourself being a good and passionate DJ, if you enjoy playing quality underground electronic dance music and would consider joining in with an established crew so to take part in one of the most exciting events in Tuscany this coming Summer as far as techno music is concerned, well do get in touch with Paolo +39 32815448997 as on August the 13th this year the Montelaterone Maxi Music Parade returns…do send an .mp3 demo of yours together with a short biography – providing your mix being fine enough it will also feature in our weekly Friday regular web radio spot on

Check out our Montelaterone Maxi Music Parade past editions video clips here