NOCageArtFest, the Mix – Nov.2013

NOCageArtFest, the Mix - Nov.2013

AVAILABLE to preview and to download : Nuovo DJ mix da ascoltare e da scaricare. DEDICATED to all animal liberation activists worldwide.

Harvey McKay – cinnamon kiss
Alen Milivojevic – plus
Mark Deutsche, Musoe – push
Ant Brooks – movi
Tiga Vs Audion – lets go dancing
DJ Anna – enough
Veerus & Maxie Devine – cars
Jose M. , Taco Man – and the trees breathe
Alberto Ruiz – room
Loco & Jam – harai goshi
Christian Smith – transition – pig & dan remix
Nino Bua – get to it
D Nox & Beckers – cala a boca
Raffaele Rizzi – frenetik
Green Velvet – destination unknown carl craig unit dub mix
Ramiro Lopez – dambo
Amo – outside the box
Tomy de Clerque – all in
Chad Andrew – G walk – martinez dub walk mix
Arjun Vegale – kempai
Gunnar Stiller – lust
Filterheadz – we can take it anywhere
Malte Seddig – downstream movement – ray okpara remix
Filterheadz, Mr Bizz – natural mood
Samu.I – look around
Pig & Dan – lonely symphony
Timid Boy – psycho
Raul Mezcolanza – how to make – filterheadz remix
Tini feat Joe Le Groove – hat baxx
Sam Paganini – polyester
Wade – evil comes here

Sequence mixed and recorded live on 8th November 2013


CreativeSound Mix to play or download

CreativeSound Mix to play or download

A blend of tech house and deeper tunes to feed the right beat over to the hungrier party heads.
I enjoy fusing together the techno and the house vibes into one unique sonic creation – a creative sound that contracts and expand over each and every other tune bass line.
One can hear small inaccuracies here and there, towards the end, but hey! we’re only humans engaging with the perfection of digital domains.
Enjoy anyhow and thanks for listening 🙂

New Mix available in DOWNLOAD

New Mix available in DOWNLOAD

headOn mix was recorded live on on friday december the 28th and its over two hours long of blended underground quality techHouse – please follow the link
and select “download” once on the page, E.N.J.O.Y.